100 Word Challange Week #13

"Oooh, what does this button do?" Said Space cat. "It must say lunch!" Thought Space cat. She walked out of the space ship and told Space doge what she did. "you did what?!" yelled Space doge. "That wasn't the lunch button it was the the luanch button!" "Oh, sorry." said Space cat regretfully. suddenly a magical midget with a really long beard ran out from under a bush "Quick, get him!" exclaimed Space doge. They chased him but eventualy grew tired. More midgets ran around. They tryed to chase them but they were exhausted.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

"Ha ha!" said the wizard as he cast a spell. it hit Prince Charming right in the chest. "Oooofff!" he screamed. He had an allergic reaction! The princess tore her eyes from her head and through them into the forest. "You are a bad and mean wizard!" she yelled, then imeedietly dabed savegely. she did some sort of karate kick and knoked the wizard out. Prince Charming stole the wizard's wand and cast a spell at the princess to destroy her, but it seemed to be going backwards towards him. PPOOOOFFF!!!!! He disappeared. The princess won again. Nom.  oh, the dragon ate her. ugh. gross.